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Board Game Case Studies

Welcome to my designer journey!
As I’m designing and publishing my first board game after years of creating game design videos for video games,
I’m playing and critiquing board games to expand my repertoire and improve myself as a game designer.
My hope is that this will be beneficial or at least interesting for you as well.

Triominos... dominos but 3-sided? After playing Chickenfoot, I now understand the potential appeal of domino games like Chickenfoot and how Triominos proves to be a cash grab rather than a love letter to domino games. Let's talk about complexity, depth, options, and strategy.

by Shawn Kays on June 12, 2021

The Fox in the Forest is a 2-player trick-taking game in a category where less than 4-player is unusual, and I can’t blame that statistic—a 2-player trick-taking game without any twists or turns constitutes a game mostly dictated by luck.

Never fear, The Fox in the Forest is a trick-taking game with a twist.

by Shawn Kays on February 14, 2021

Welcome to my designer journey where I play and constructively critique board games to improve myself as a game designer. Uprising: Curse of the Last Emperor is one of the only cooperative 4X games around. 1-4 players control fantasy factions against two asymmetric enemy factions. Find out to what extent a game can be stacked against you.

by Shawn Kays on September 15, 2020

Welcome to my designer journey where I play and critique board games to become a better game designer by examining their game design, mechanisms, and game theory. What a better way to start this new series than with a classic: Betrayal at House on the Hill.

by Shawn Kays on September 05, 2020